Scout WebWorks™

Scout WebWorks™ by Planet Media is a feature-rich, web-based software platform developed specifically for Global Scouting Organizations to enhance your communication resources to existing audience members, engage Scouts, parents, volunteers, donors and alumnae as well as provide increased functionality for registration, donations, events, activities, ecommerce, social media, video and much more.

It is "cloud" software, meaning it runs on a server through a web browser without the need to install anything on your local computer. Since our focus is only on Scouting Organizations, we've designed Scout WebWorks™ to be both powerful and affordable with an engaging website that is surprisingly simple for staff to update.

Visit the Scout WebWorks™ website for a complete overview of the product features and fnctionality.

Customized Design

In today's digital world, your website and interactive media are the key point of contact for your members, parents, volunteers, donors and alumnae. Gone are the days when websites were mere billboards of information. Now, they serve as a vital component of marketing, product sales, public outreach and fundraising campaigns. We help your organization use the latest technology to reach target audiences, paying careful attention to affordability; strategy-rich, member-driven content; website design best practices; search engine optimization; and practical ongoing maintenance.

The Scout WebWorks™ team will provide conceptualization, design and development of a visually striking and professional web presence for your organization. The new design will be unique and representative of your organization's "look and feel", desired target audience and online marketing objectives.

Value-Added Solutions

Global Scouting Organizations require websites that can be updated frequently to reflect the rapid changes in membership, events, activities, news, and much more. Scout WebWorks™ can save your staff hours of tedious updating and spend more time executing your strategy. We deliver customized sites that make your organization more effective and efficient online communicators.

Our website solution adds value for your members, reduces the headaches of routine organization management and lowers costs involved with regular maintenance while creating new potential revenue streams.

We'll hold your hand right through the set-up and implementation process, with a comprehensive suite of service offerings to help you succeed. Our support system guarantees you get the help you need, when you need it. Whether you're stuck or need advice, Scout WebWorks™ support can save the day.

Designed to Give You Control

Why pay to develop your new site from scratch when you can capitalize on a web software system that was designed just for Scouting Organizations? Why make updating your site painful?

Make your Organization's budget dollars go farther and save time and stress ‐ WebWorks™ has everything you need off the shelf:

  • Registration and event management.
  • Built-in ecommerce: you can accept payments on Day One.
  • Customize your page layouts & functionality with a few clicks.
  • Easy multimedia for exciting sites: slideshows, photos & videos.
  • Communicate better with social media integration.

Your staff can easily manage every aspect of your website ‐ without having to rely on web specialists or designers to put your Organization's ideas in action. See how our powerful, flexible WebWorks™ system can help you reach your goals.

Girl Scouts of Colorado Case Study

The Girl Scouts of Colorado’s website needed a fresh look and feel as well as updated content, features and functionality. The GSCO desired to have a professional web design, development and programming firm create a new and enhanced web presence for the current website that would reflect the values of the organization—as well as professionally display and showcase their programs.

Marketing Collateral

View the Girl Scouts of Colorado Case Study

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Download the Scout WebWorks™ Website Planning Guide

Girl Scout Design Portfolio

Girl Scouts of Colorado

Girl Scouts of Colorado

Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida

Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana

Girl Scouts USA Forever Green

Girl Scouts USA Forever Green

Girl Scouts of Colorado Take Action

Girl Scouts of Colorado Take Action

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